Online Directory FAQs


What It Does

This feature allows you to access the PTO website to look up another Pope family's phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc... to make plans or set up play dates while you are on-the-go!  

Who and What Is Included

All Pope families and staff who have created accounts here on the PTO website will be included automatically.  You must specifically notify us to opt out if you do not want to be found in our online website directory.  Before you opt out entirely, it's important that you know you can limit the information you share.


How to Limit What Is Displayed

You can hide your addresses, phone numbers, and emails and display only the pieces of information that you want to share.  See how to restrict the information that is displayed for your family on the Restrict My Information page.


Who Can See My Family's Information

This directory is not available to the general public.  It is only available to authorized members of our website, which means only current Pope families and school staff who have purchased a PTO membership.  The list of individuals is cross-checked with school records at least once each school year.


How to Opt Out

If you do not want to be included in the online directory at all, you can edit your online directory preferences from the "My Account" page on the website.  Click on the "edit" icon next to your name or your family member's name and uncheck the "Include Me" option.  Please email us at if you have difficulty opting out of the online directory. 

If you want to be included in the searchable online directory but want to limit the information that is displayed, view the Restrict My Information page to learn how.


Multiple Households

If your child(ren) also spend time in a second household and you need two separate accounts, view the Multiple Households page for details or contact for assistance.


Contact Us

Please contact us at if you need technical assistance or have questions about website data, security, and privacy. 

Thank you!